Lifestyle dues and associated payment processes are set by the IPCCA Board of Directors and administered by the IPCCA Community Manager, the LSC Director and the staff. There are various types of LSC Members, and dues and rules may be different depending on the type of membership.

  •  Regular Members:  Regular Members are those Indian Palms Country Club Owners (IPCCA, HOA18 and homeowners within IPCC) whose membership is established via either the original deed to their IPCC property or through a recorded document adding this membership to the title of their property after title has been transferred.  If you are unsure if you are this type of member or would like to become this type of member, please contact the LSC Director for more information. Please see the Lifestyle Center Rules and Regulations for more information on Regular Members.

  • Fee Members: Memberships on a daily, weekly, monthly, or annual basis are available to the following people who are residing within the IPCC complex: Non-regular member homeowners, time-share, vacation club residents, and Hotel guest.  Please see the Lifestyle center Rules and Regulations for more information on Fee Members.



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